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Our company has been serving the Adelaide area for many years, and we have built a reputation for excellence in the real estate industry.

Our agents are highly trained and experienced, and they have a deep understanding of the local market.

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service and helping them find the perfect home for their needs.

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We offer a range of services to help you find your dream home in Adelaide. Our buyer agent service is designed to make the home buying process as easy and stress-free as possible…

Property search and selection

A property search and selection service involves a buyer’s agent working with the client to identify their specific requirements, such as location, property type, budget, and amenities.

The buyer’s agent then searches the market and presents a shortlist of suitable properties for the client’s consideration. This service saves time and effort for clients who may not have the expertise or knowledge of the local market to identify suitable properties.

Once a suitable property has been identified, the buyer’s agent will negotiate the purchase on behalf of the client.

This includes making an offer, negotiating the price and terms of the contract, and managing the exchange of contracts and deposit.

The aim of this service is to achieve the best possible outcome for the client in terms of price and terms of sale.

Contract review and advice

Before signing any contract of sale, it is important to have a buyer’s agent review it and provide advice on its terms and conditions.

This service ensures that the client fully understands the contract and is aware of any potential risks or issues.

The buyer’s agent can also negotiate any necessary changes or amendments to the contract to ensure the client’s interests are protected.

Settlement and post-settlement support

The settlement process can be complex, and a buyer’s agent can provide assistance in managing the settlement process and ensuring that all necessary paperwork and payments are completed correctly and on time.

Post-settlement support can include arranging inspections and repairs, assisting with the transfer of utilities and services, and providing ongoing advice and support to the client throughout the ownership of the property.

This service ensures a smooth transition for the client into their new property and minimizes any potential issues or delays.

Buyers Agents Adelaide

Why Use a Buyer Agent?

Local Market Experts

When considering purchasing a home, it is important to recognize the value that a buyer agent can bring to the table. The advantages of using a buyer agent are numerous and should not be overlooked. For one, our agents have access to an extensive inventory of properties that may not be available to the general public.

This means that you will have a wider range of options to choose from when searching for your dream home. Additionally, our agents possess a deep understanding of the local market and can provide valuable insights into pricing trends and demand in your desired area.

By utilizing their knowledge and expertise, our agents can help you find the best deals on homes in your desired location, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Don’t go it alone when buying a home – trust the professionals at our agency to help guide you through the process and ensure that you find the home of your dreams.

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A buyer agent is a licensed real estate professional who works exclusively with home buyers. They help buyers find homes that meet their specific needs and negotiate the best possible deal on their behalf.

When you work with a buyer agent, they will take the time to understand your needs and preferences. They will then search for properties that meet your criteria and show you homes that fit your budget and lifestyle. They will also provide you with valuable advice and guidance throughout the home buying process.

If you are not satisfied with the homes that your agent shows you, simply let them know. They will work with you to refine your search criteria and find homes that better meet your needs.

The home buying process can vary depending on a number of factors, including the availability of properties in your desired area and the complexity of the transaction. However, on average, the process takes between 30 and 60 days.

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I recently used ABA to purchase my first investment property and I couldn’t be happier with their services. Their team was incredibly professional, knowledgeable and went above and beyond to find me the perfect property. They really listened to my requirements and delivered exactly what I was looking for. They also negotiated a fantastic deal on my behalf and made the entire process seamless. I would highly recommend ABA to anyone looking to buy property in Adelaide

Terry T.

I have used ABA twice now to purchase properties and have been impressed with their services both times. Their team is incredibly knowledgeable about the Adelaide real estate market and have a vast network of industry contacts that gave me access to off-market properties I would have never found otherwise. They were also very patient with me, taking the time to show me numerous properties until I found the perfect one. I appreciated their honesty and transparency throughout the entire process, which made me feel like I was in safe hands. I highly recommend ABA to anyone looking for a reliable, trustworthy and experienced buyers agency in Adelaide

Michael H.

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